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Love at First Sight

In 2017 I was new to town. I was struggling mentally after making a move (only 60 miles North) that I never wanted to take. I felt no connection to the place I moved from or the place I was living in now. Longing for a connection, a coworker of my husband's asked his wife to reach out to me. She was kind, motivated, + asked me if I had ever heard of essential oils.

I actually had heard of them. In fact, I had recently purchased a starter kit from an essential oil company + it was sitting in the bottom of a kitchen drawer. She went on to tell me why I needed to try dōTERRA's essential oils + the rest is history.

In the past six years I have experienced that oils are more than great smells. I use them on a daily basis for low-tox cleaning. I diffuse oils in my home to strengthen my family's immune systems + cleanse the air. I rely on them for stomach discomfort, sore muscles, skincare, + ear discomfort. They provide a sense of calm when my mind is overwhelmed.

dōTERRA is more than an essential oil company. It is a company full of compassion for humans + it is on a mission to change the world one drop at a time. dōTERRA is a wellness company, incorporating more than essential oils in its offerings, yet ultimately remaining an essential oil company at its core.

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